Betsy Williams Cottage30 November 2012Providence, Rhode IslandSeated high upon a hilltop overlooking a picturesque lake near the entrance to Roger Williams Park sits the original farmhouse that once belonged to the family that founded Rhode Island. This house was built in 1773 and was last owned by Betsy Williams, the great-great-great granddaughter of the state's founder. In 1871, the farmhouse and the surrounding farm were deeded to the City of Providence to establish the Roger Williams Park as specified in Betsy's will.As you enter the rotary (i.e. roundabout) that leads to the cottage, your eyes are immediately drawn to this beautiful London Plane tree that now dwarfs the house. This species is actually a hybrid that first appeared in Spain in the 17th century. It was the product of an accidental cross-pollination between an Oriental Plane and an American Plane that were planted too close together. The mottled white and green bark is quite striking. The tree in the foreground was planted in the 1800s.Post processing started with a brilliant cold filter in Topaz Adjust. I then adjusted adaptive exposure, contrast, and adaptive saturation. A slight levels adjustment was added in PSE. - Ron Correia Photography