Hunts Mills Dam22 April 2013 -- 112/365East Providence, Rhode IslandThis was one of those rare occasions where the image looked much better in the viewfinder than it did in processing. I'm fairly disappointed with the end result, so it's going to have to be revisited at some point. The vantage point is a bit of a challenge since there's all of about a three foot space to work in, but that just increases the allure of the location. This spot is along one of the dams on Ten Mile River in the Hunts Mills section of East Providence. If I can find a way to get about 20 feet downstream - without swimming - I think I can dramatically improve the composition. In the meantime, this will have to do.Post processing started with a classic filter in Topaz B&W FX. I adjusted color sensitivity sliders, boost black, boost white, adaptive exposure, regions, and contrast. A sepia photo filter and levels adjustment were added in PSE. - Ron Correia Photography