Meditation25 June 2013 -- 176/365Providence, Rhode IslandI went downcity after work today to do some street photography. I took about a dozen different scenes over the course of about 90 minutes and then headed back to my car. That's where I spotted this young man meditating in the shade at the Roger Williams National Memorial. I took several photos, some with the person walking in the background, and some without. I opted to go with this one because of the contrast in meditation styles. The person walking through the park may well be finding her own inner peace using a quiet stroll in this small inner city oasis. That's also the reason I left so much open space on the right of the photo, attempting to demonstrate that they are both moving towards the serenity of solitude. I did debate the post processing style a bit. I tried several different styles, most of which were in color, but in the end it was the black and white version that spoke to me. Only this version gave me a sense of the inner turmoil that they are both trying to escape. The color versions were too much like post cards for my liking. It will be interesting to hear what message you get out of the image.Post processing started with a warm tone filter in Topaz B&W FX. I adjusted color sensitivity sliders, adaptive exposure, contrast, boost black, and boost white. A levels adjustment was added in PSE. - Ron Correia Photography